Union takes youth pay campaign to Canberra

Currently many employees on minimum wages will only receive full pay when they turn 21, something that unions say is unfair.

A young person can start in retail at say 15 years of age. They’re on 45 per cent of the adult rate. Then when they’re 16 they go to 50 per cent and thereafter they go to 60 per cent, 70 per cent, 80 per cent and so on, and at 21 they finally get to the adult rate.

Russell Zimmerman is the executive director at the Australian Retailers Association. He says industry is preparing to lodge its application arguing against pay increases for younger people in the next few weeks.

The claims also comes as the union movement is pushing for $30 a week rises in the minimum wage.

With a federal election in September and the Government doing badly in the polls, Russell Zimmerman says the union is trying to get as many claims through as it can.

1. Who are the stakeholders?

2. What are their claims?

3.  What are impacts the stakeholders if the claim is successful?




Union counters claims by failed car parts maker

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union says claims it sabotaged the restructure of a Melbourne car parts maker are wrong. The former management of the company APV Components claims union organisers refused to negotiate on redundancy entitlements, leading to the company calling in the receivers yesterday. More