How to market to mothers

Babies are big business. Market research analyst IBISWorld estimated in November last year that revenue from baby products would reach $4.38 billion in 2011-12. It predicts average growth of 3.1 per cent a year for the next five years, with revenue reaching nearly $5.1 billion in 2016-17.

“Cashed-up parents have been buying up big for their newborns, with only the best in mind,” IBISWorld reports. When it comes to spending on their child, there are those for whom cost is not the first consideration and companies are targeting this sentiment.

“Marketers love this segment because it is one of the very few times you get an adult coming into a brand new category,” University of NSW Australian School of Business lecturer Dean Wilkie says.

“This is almost like a totally new situation and so as marketers you go, ‘Well this is an opportunity to get our brand and our product in front of this totally new audience’.”

That means brands have a “first user” type benefit, Wilkie says.

Marketers can go to a number of places to target parents and new parents to be. One of those is social media. eMarketer, which publishes information on media, digital marketing and commerce, forecasts that in the United States this year, nearly 28 million mothers will be using social networks.

Using this information what opportunities arise from this?

Ecommerce company CatchOfTheDay group is planning to launch a new website – – this month aimed at mothers.