It’s tough being an entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurs are focused, resourceful, good at solving problems and managing their time, right?

Well, you are it today.

Make sure by the end of the lesson you have your two minute presentation of your business idea ready,

Oh, and , did I tell you your profile for Linked In is due as well?

I will reward budding entrepreneurs if you get both tasks achieved by the end of the lesson.

Criterion 1 – carrying on a task

Criterion 3 – communicating your business idea in a persuasive way

Criterion 3 – communicating your profile in a persuasive way.

Not enough time?  Problems with technology?

Entrepreneurs are innovators, problems solvers and above all focused, motivated and determined, right?  That’s you.

Seeing that I am such a reasonable man, you can submit your LinkedIn profile by Tuesday next week, at a penalty of course.  We are in business, right?

Get to it.

Need help?

Don’t want to use  Use something else. You are an innovator remember?

Good luck.