Ethical Issues

You will already have viewed some episodes of “The Corporation”

The Documentary trailer

11. Marketing has transformed itself into a sophisticated, pervasive force that extends into
every part of our lives. Slick advertising campaigns are designed for the express purpose
of manipulating children into buying products and training them to become mindless consumers of goods they don’t really want. The Nag factor, a marketing study that evaluated the effect of nagging, was designed to teach children how to nag more effectively. Consumers are made, not born.


Ethical behaviour issues on Page 282

  1. Loyal long serving employee who cant adapt to technology?
  2. Confidential information about a competitor?
  3. Cash payment for a tender?
  4. Competitors engage in unethical practices?
  5. Promotion plan unable to follow through?


  1. What are the issues involved?
  2. Who are the stakeholders involved?
  3. What are the impacts on the stakeholders?
  4. What should be done?

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