Revision for the final exam

Get ready for the Term 4 re test and the final exam
Exam revision
  • Re test will be a choice of two section B questions.
  • Prepare and complete strategies table to the best of your ability. We can check and compare your strategies early in Term 4.  Remember that is essential for you exam preparation for Sections B and C
  • On BST3 blog go through surveys (click on “Surveys” tab) to check your understanding on all the things you should know:
    3 Finance surveys.
  • Go to OneNote and complete Revision test and tasks under “Review” tab in each of the major sections.
  • Do the section C question from the Trial exam you did not do.
  • Complete past exam questions and tests that you have already completed/
  • Look at case studies that we have already completed in class.
  • Review any of the flipped lessons that are on this site.
  • You can complete sections of the “Aussie Bumb” case study.  Answer are here.
  • Be ready to complete many more case studies in Term 4.
  • A tutorial showing you where you can find resources and information is here.
  • You could use the Facebook group page to collaborate amongst yourselves.